Archive February 17, 2020

Prepare your file well for a work loan

The construction credit allows the necessary renovations to be made to a house. Whether it is to embellish it, enlarge it, make it more comfortable or optimize its energy performance, it is important to prepare your works file well in order to hope to obtain financing. The stage of constitution of the file deserves all

Immediate and accommodating car loan

Acquiring a car requires setting up a budget proportional to what you are looking for. If it is not obvious to save this sum, today, the offers to obtain a car loan are numerous and more and more attractive. However, nothing prevents you from looking for more attractive and advantageous offers. Thus, a borrower has

Credit repurchase: a new window for recent loans

  According to the latest observations, the average interest rate is now 2.38%, which opens a new window for grouping credits for recent loans. Home loans granted at less than 3.5% Since the start of the year, real estate interest rates have lost several basis points, opening up a new perspective for consolidating recently contracted